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3D Printers from 3ntr
The one printer that delivers reliable results in basic materials with the lowest cost per part of major printers. And, open materials for when you need to engineer new and better solutions.
Build Chamber for 3ntr 3D Printer

Build Chamber

  • Generous capacity for parts up to 23.6″ x 11.8″ x 19.6″ (depending on configuration)
  • Individually controlled heating elements to achieve optimal accuracy and finish from the material you use
    • Nozzle up to 806° F (430° C)
    • Bed up to 320° F (160° C)
    • Chamber to 194° F (90° C)
  • HEPA filtered air flow to limit contamination
Printer Bed for 3ntr 3D Printer

Printer Bed

  • Reusable bed for thousands of prints with minimal maintenance
  • Optional PEI Diamond Tray
Extruders for 3ntr 3D Printer

3 Extruders

  • One extruder for support material
  • Two extruders for build material
  • Allows combinations of materials on a single build
  • Liquid cooling at each extruder for precise temperature control
  • Unprecedented freedom in design
  • Tungsten Carbide Bliss nozzles (optional)
Web Camera and Monitoring for 3ntr 3D Printer

Integrated Camera & Web Monitoring

  • Monitor the build process from another location
  • Make remote adjustments through the web interface
Material Management System for 3ntr 3D Printers

Combine Materials for Lower Cost

The part shown here was made with a combination of two different build materials. For the internal shaft, IGUS Iglidur is used for self-lubricating and hardness. To minimize the part expense, the body is made of ASA.

User Interface for 3ntr 3D Printer

Powerful, Flexible User Interface

KISSlicer is powerful software that prepares STL files for optimized printing. The user interface enables you to select preloaded settings or to adjust dozens of variables yourself.

Specifications for 3ntr 3D Printers

A2 3D Printers from 3ntr
A4 3D Printers from 3ntr

Dimensional Data

A2 A4
Printer Dimensions 940 x 715 x 1125 mm
37 x 32 x 44.3″
528 x 515 x 615 mm
20.7 x 20.2 x 24.2″
Printer Weight 110 kg (242 lbs.) 43 kg (94 lbs.)
Shipping Dimensions 1041 x 831 x 1321 mm
41 x 32.7 x 52″
681 x 620 x 920 mm
26.8 x 24.4 x 36.2″
Shipping Weight 226 kg (498 lbs.) 69 kg (152 lbs.)

Electro / Mechanical Data

A2 A4
Ambient Operating Temperature 16-32° C (61-90° F)
Storage Operating Temperature 5-40° C (41-104° F)
AC Input 220/230 VAC - 15A 110/120 VAC - 15A
Power Supply 24 VDC - 13A
Connectivity USB, Micro SD, LAN
Steel Cabinet/Frame Construction 2mm (.08″) Powder Coated
Clear Panels Polycarbonate
Heated Print Bed Anticorodal 6082

Printing Specifications

A2 A4
Printer Technology FFF (Fused FIlament Fabrication)
Number of Extruders 2 or 3
Maximum X-Y Axis Speed 300 mm/s (11.8″/s)
Maximum Z Axis Speed 2 mm/s (.08″/s)
Maximum Extruders Speed 43 mm/s (1.7″/s)
Build Volume — W x D x H1 600 x 300 x 500mm
23.6 x 11.8 x 19.6″
295 x 156 x 200mm
11.6 x 6.1 x 7.8″
Positioning Precision — X-Y Axes 11 Microns (.000433″)
Positioning Precision — Z Axis 5 Microns (.0002″)
Positioning Precision — Extruders .9 Microns
Filament Diameter 2.85 mm +/- .1 mm
Standard Nozzle Diameter2 .4 mm (.01575″)
Maximum Extruder Temperature3 430° C (806° F)
Maximum Heated Bed Temperature4 160° C (320° F)
Maximum Heated Chamber Temperature5 90° C (194° F)
Minimum Layer Thickness 50 Microns (.00197″)
1 A4 depth (D) is 39 mm (1.54”) less with three nozzles installed, A2 is 35 mm (1.38”) less 2 Available nozzles: .3 mm, .4 mm, .6 mm, .8 mm & .4 mm hardened anti-abrasion 3 Standard / Optional maximum nozzle temperature: 430° C on 2 of 3 nozzles 4 Measured at the heater on the aluminum print base 5 In conjunction with heated bed at maximum temperature

Specifications are subject to change with ongoing product development.